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X-GROUP GmbH has been supporting entrepreneurs and founders since 2002, among other things, with the preparation of business plans and applications for subsidies.

Founders can receive up to 125,000 euros StartGeld from KfW to finance investments and cover operating costs. The experts from the Berlin-based consulting agency X-GROUP, who have already assisted many entrepreneurs throughout Germany on their way to an attractive start-up loan, can help with the application process.

"X-Group is made up of a competent team who are versatile and knowledgeable. I was allowed to work with several experts and everyone was committed to me. The customer is in the foreground with his needs, his plans and his resources. I am absolutely grateful for an intensive accompaniment, advice and support with a priceless added value on the personal as well as professional level. I was able to develop a stable foundation for my business start-up and further develop my knowledge in areas such as marketing, product development as well as in the commercial area. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! PS: You always see each other twice in life and I'm looking forward to that ūüėČ"

Overview ERP Credit StartGeld

  • up to 125.000 ‚ā¨
  • Financing of investments and running costs
  • KfW assumes 80% of the credit risk
  • for start-ups and companies up to 5 years after foundation
  • from 3.74% p.a. effective annual interest rate

What can the ERP loan StartGeld be used for?

  • Investments
  • Working capital
  • Material and goods stock
  • Company acquisition


e.g. acquisition of plant, machinery, fixtures and fittings, operating and office equipment

Working capital

to ensure ongoing operations, such as cash and cash equivalents, rent, materials and merchandise inventories, and personnel costs

Company acquisition

or purchase of company shares if management function is assumed

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Who is supported?

  • start-ups (incl. freelancers)
  • small and young companies
  • company successors

What are the conditions?

  • up to ‚ā¨125,000, of which up to ‚ā¨50,000 is for working capital
  • 100% of the loan amount is disbursed
  • Loan call within 9 months after commitment
  • commitment fee 0,15% per month, starting 6 months and 2 bank working days after commitment
  • during the grace period only interest is due
  • unscheduled repayment against prepayment possible
  • personal liability for loan repayment
  • Details in the conditions overview

Application procedure

Prepare application

with the KfW funding assistant to
lead the to lead the bank meeting faster to the goal

Financing partner

find and discuss projects

Apply for credit

through the financing partner

Check loan application

by KfW with subsequent
Decision on funding

Credit agreement

Conclude with the financing partner
and implement project

"My consultants V. Janker, M. Wagner and A.Hausmann were very competent and supported me in my project. They met all deadlines and reacted quickly to changes in the situation. TOP!"

Why should you choose X-GROUP?

X-GROUP specializes in the preparation of business and financial plans, including all the necessary applications and attachments you need to successfully implement your project. One specialization is the preparation of documents for subsidies and loan applications. Due to existing certifications, there is also the option that consulting and support can be subsidized up to 100%. The X-GROUP also supports you in applying for financing for investments and working capital. 

Consulting hours per year
Business plans created
Approvals achieved
Business plan
Elaboration 100%
Financial planning
Elaboration 100%
Checklist appendix
Elaboration 100%
Elaboration 100%
Elaboration 100%

"The coaches of the X-Group have helped me a lot with their expertise, so that I can now start my self-employment with confidence. Thank you for your knowledge, patience and humor! I highly recommend the coaching!"

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